Episode 12: Jenn Falk; Connecting to the Power of the Moon - Lunar Love Flow

Practicing with the natural cycles can help you honor the ebbs and flows in your life.
— Jenn Falk
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The moon talk has been buzzing lately. The phases, the astrology - i'm into it. And I wanted to learn more.

Jenn Falk is a moon lover/expert, yogi and mama of two sweet boys. In this chat, we discuss her new book "Lunar Love Flow" which she created to help people discover a personal connection to the natural rhythms of the lunar cycles and therefore a deeper connection to ourselves.

This book is filled with yoga sequences to support you physically and emotionally as the moon changes its position in the sky - effecting the energy of the Earth and all of its creatures. 


Shownotes & Resources: 

You can purchase Lunar Love Flow on Jenn's website: or on Blurb.com


Instagram: @jennpfalk


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