Episode 9: Lex Hade; Creating a brand, staying in your lane & painting from your deepest soul

I’ve worked really hard to get to this moment and I need to be deserving of it.
So I tell myself that over and over and it gets my butt out of bed in the morning,
up to the studio, on to my stool and in front of my easel.
— Lex Hade (f**k yeah!)

This quote brings tears to my eyes. This tiny & mighty force of an artist is my dear friend Lex Hade. This episode was a blast to put together. Two best lady friends, drinking rose, shooting the shit. I felt so lucky to be in Lex's new studio space where she is creating actual MAGIC with her paintings. Surrounding by her latest work, we talked about her painting past and her biggest adventure yet,  as she embarks on the new boss lady career that she always dreamed of - painting full time. 

Follow her on Instagram @lexhade and keep an eye out for her new website & new paintings! It's gonna be a party. 

This episode with Lex inspired a Spotify Playlist - you can check that out HERE.