Wellness Articles Are Making Us Crazy

Let me just start this off by saying that this is not my attempt to vilify the wellness companies, blogs, websites of the world. I am the first person to read the most recent articles on Instagram, look up my Bumble date’s horoscope, make yet another version of a turmeric latte and actually drown in kale salad and avocado. I am INTO that shit. My instagram feed is over run with wellness, lifestyle, yoga, fitness, clean eating and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My healthy lifestyle is a huge part of my life, has healed me in many ways and I hold it close to my heart.

It’s just funny (and ironic) how the recent uprising and overtaking of “wellness” can sometimes have the opposite effect on its viewers. As humans, and I speak for mainly women because I am one, we are susceptible to visually stimulating content. We want to be the best, feel the best, eat the best, do the best. We often fall victim to the influx of content on “health” which unfortunately then has the opposite effect on us. It leads to judgement, self doubt, anxiety - cue the voices of “i’m not doing this right”, “i’m not doing enough”.

I don’t know about you but after I spend too much time on social media, my head feels like it is clogged, as if the absorption of content has physically taken over my headspace. Sometimes it physically hurts!

While living your best life should always be a priority (because you deserve it), I can’t help but just LAUGH when I see some of these wellness headlines. So, here is my attempt to share the laughs with you:

  1. “Your sweet potato isn’t good enough.”

  2. “I tried 11 peanut butters and here is the best one”

  3. “Why is everyone in wellness bloated?”

  4. “You aren’t washing your hair the right way.”

  5. “The weird health issue your ponytail could be causing.”

  6. “Could stubbing your toe give you brain fog?”

So, don’t let yourself get caught up in the trendiness. Don’t let yourself get sucked in to the influx of information on how to live your life. You know your body. You know your mind. And you’ve got this.

It is impossible to do everything right. Breathe easy knowing this truth. There is not one cure all. What works for one is not going to work for every single person. Explore, investigate, listen but don’t get lost in a funnel of self doubt along the way. You are enough just as you are. Say it again, you are enough just as you are. And so is your sweet potato.