Episode 16: Blood, Bone & Honey - Reclaiming your power, taking up space & ferocious self love.

Not all women, femmes and systemically oppressed people have the safety to detach from their trauma and heal.
— Sarah Borst
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Sarah Borst is a photographer, filmmaker, doula + self love witch. Lately, Sarah has been hard at work building her empire with Blood, Bone and Honey and gently nudging women back into their power, photographing them in the boudoir style. The difference between your typical boudoir photography and Sarah’s work, is that Sarah and her clients are reclaiming this self expression from the male gaze and putting it back in the hands of women and femmes. She sets the stage for her shoots by doing some energy healing and cleansing work before the photographs are taken. *Dreamy* Think reiki, witchy vibes, tarot pulls and sage burning.

It’s some powerful shit. Sarah’s massive heart, creative soul and magical intuition are enveloping. She makes you feel like the most powerful woman in the world because guess what… YOU ARE. In this episode we giggle, we speak openly and we talk about all things divine feminine.