brand documentary

We make brand documentaries for feminist identifying biznass owners, artists, creators, movers + shakers who are ready to uplevel, make a deeper connection with their current and future community + overcome fear surrounding visibility.

Prior to our shoot we go through a story core deep dive session, using different healing modalities to connect, ground down + get to the root of your story.

1:1 self-worth + empowerment mentorship sessions

This is for the womxn ready to take her body love, self-worth and level of empowerment to the next level.

These are 90 minute sessions dedicated to your growth. Are you ready?

the podcast

Podcasting is the new networking. Ya, baby.

The get a helmet podcast is a beautiful community of humans sharing their journeys.

This is a place to lay it all on the table. We discuss creativity, spirituality, entrepreneurship + wellness.

podcast sponsorship

Are you the owner of a killer business or creator of some dope product? Cool!

Want to promote your work on the show with ad space? Great!

The Get A Helmet Media Kit will break alllllll of this down for you and save you the decision fatigue.

Reach out here for a copy.

Book a yoga/dance event

Movement is sacred. Through moving our bodies we can get out of heads and into our hearts.

Caroline leads yoga + dance events that allow everyone in attendance to unapologetically take up space.

The dance portion feels like a combination of some Beyonce, Lizzo, Maggie Rogers energy.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Let’s party.