By sharing our stories with the world, we create space for all beings to step into their light.

Our focus is on heart centered humans, entrepreneurs, artists, movers + shakers, etc.

We craft stories rooted in spiritual practice, embodiment work + deep, deep breath.


Hannah Aylward Nutrition - 3 Day Gut Reset Promo Video

Director - Camera Op - Editor - gaffer - sound mixer - all of the above

music by: kristopher nichols

Eating well has played a massive role in my mental health journey. My sister is a holistic health coach and personal chef. Her company, HAN, is killing it and she is a powerful goddess. We shot a bunch of videos for her online course modules and also made a video to promote her free 3 Day Gut Reset, which you NEED to try.

Etchings Festival - Auvillar, France

Director - Camera Op - Editor

I had the opportunity to travel to the tiny village of Auvillar on the banks of the Garonne River and document the Etchings Festival - a festival/retreat for up and coming contemporary classical composers. It was an absolute pleasure to create this story and to witness such ambitious and creative souls pour their hearts into their craft.

Explorations w/ movement + breath feat. Amit Levit

Director - Camera Op - Editor

music: “heavy, california” by Jungle

For me, dance is a necessary way for me to release stuck stories and energy in my body. The fluidity of movements of the body and the rhythm of an edit make my heart sing. My very talented friend joined me for a morning of improvisational dance. I used my Canon 7D on the Ronin S and we got a little wiggly.

305 Fitness - Boston Studio Opening

Director, 2nd Camera Op, Editor

DP: Pat Howley

I am such a sucker for dance. I have worked with 305 Fitness since they came to Boston. I created this piece for the very exciting opening of their very own studio space in Boston! It was a party.

Ellis Memorial

Creative Producer

DP & Editor: Pat Howley

I co-wrote this script to tell the story of Leo Delaney and his great work in over 30 years of CEO at Ellis Memorial. This school is a very special place and gives back to the community in many ways. Working with these kids was a blast.

Clare Buyens F/W Looks

Director & editor

Cinematography by: Nikita Carpenter

Talent: Hannah Aylward

Make-Up Artist: Jaclyn Kosser

Location: Magnetic Kitchen Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Music: "California Poppy" by David Douglas

This fashion film was an “all hands on deck” effort that I am super proud of. Our goal was to portray the vibe of Clare’s Iceland-inspired clothing in a minimalist sense.