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Hi! I’m Caroline. Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes. I eat a lot of carrots (veggies in general) and I make hot cacao everyday regardless of the temperature outside. I also drink a lot of tea and love adaptogens.

Music pulses through my veins in an unexplainable way and causes my body to move. To tell stories. To release stories. Some call it dance. I call it necessity. My Spotify playlists are my children. I deeply value human connection and how a conversation with someone can allow peace and grace to flood into your heart. I have a lot of feelings that frequently roll down my cheeks. I am constantly astounded by the gratitude I feel for my friends and family (cue: feelings rolling down my cheeks).

I believe that every single human person has the potential inside of them to be whatever they desire and do whatever pulls at their heart strings. My nephew is the love of my life. The older I get, the more cooking brings me joy and calm. I host dinner parties on the regular and making colorful, healthful food for my loved ones is in my top 5 favorite things to do. I go to the movies alone, a lot. It is my sacred time. I make movies a lot. It is my art.

My yoga teacher training was one of the best/most nourishing things that’s happened to me so far in life. Colors and candles and clean spaces make me so happy. I find cleaning very cathartic and I really enjoy it - hi mom 👋🏼! On a good night, I read myself to sleep and it supports me in so many ways. I love Harry Styles so much and sometimes wonder if we are the same person. I think vulnerability is extremely sexy. I used to be scared of flying and now I’m like, cool with it. I’m a Libra, through and through. Leo Moon + Cancer Rising. I live for restful nights in and long for late, wild nights out. I know that magic is real. When I feel aligned with the universe I feel like I’m floating on air - the sky looks more blue, there’s a skip in my step and my eyes are wider than ever. I love to walk and I walk everywhere.

I created Get A helmet because I believe,

that through story, movement + meditation

we connect with each other,

access our power +

align with our deepest Truth.

My helmet is: my yoga mat. No matter how anxious I’m feeling, just stepping on to her roots me right down to Earth. Anyway, I’m so happy you’re here and I’d love to know more about you. What’s your helmet?