Movement, Meditation + Magic 5 Week Masterclass

All photos by Carlie Febo at a very special event hosted by  The Cauldron

All photos by Carlie Febo at a very special event hosted by The Cauldron

Are you ready to move through fear, shame + judgement? To dig deep, level up + dance it out in sacred community?

Cool. Let's party. 

A 5-week masterclass dance party for womxn to get into their bodies, breathe deep, and use movement as a channel of reconnection to their power. 

We will gather every Wednesday evening for 5 weeks from 6pm-8pm to dance it out, ground down and implement nourishing practices into our lives.

This is a chance for you to show up for yourself, build community and send love into that gorgeous body of yours.

MMM Masterclass will run from 9/11-10/9.


So, what will each class look like?!?

  • Dancing and getting into our physical bodies - releasing stuck, stagnant energy, fear + negative thoughts from our bodies. (Now taking music requests!!!)

  • Grounding down with meditation and breath work to pacify the nervous system and connect to the soul.

  • Yoga and a juicyyyyyy savasana to seal it all in.

  • Each week we will focus on a different theme and implement a mindfulness technique related to the theme of the class for you to continue practicing throughout the week. You will be asked to journal + take note of your experience. By the end of the masterclass you will have a handful of new practices to choose from to implement into your daily routine moving forward.

  • One 30 minute follow up clarity call after the conclusion of our time together to check in, share and answer any questions you may have!



I am NOT a dancer but I like to move my body to music. Is this for me?

YASSSSS. You are actually the perfect match for this. We wont be learning any Britney Spears choreo circa 2001 (perhaps in a different masterclass, eh?). We will be learning about somatic movement + moving intuitively. Using the power of music + community to break through any blocks that would normally keep you from letting go and seeing where these are showing up in your day to day life.

Do I need to wear anything specific?

Nope! We will be practicing barefoot. Think yoga class attire. And then maybe throw a kimono on top and a little lipstick? This is a space for you, to do YOU. Wear something loose and comfortable that is easy to move in and that makes you feel like yourself.

Will I need to bring anything to class?

Your yoga mat, the journal you will be keeping through the 5 weeks and a water bottle. We will also be setting up an altar at the beginning of each class so please bring a meaningful item to place on it. It could be a crystal, a photo of your dog and special rock your found on a hike - anything that feels magical to you!

How much will we be moving/on our feet?

Our two hours each week will be a combination of dance, yoga, meditation, breath work and savasana (relaxation). You will definitely be getting exercise and getting your sweat on but this isn’t a boot camp workout. There will roughly be about an hour of movement.



Cost + payment plan offerings:


Pay all at once up front to secure your spot and receive a free Get A Helmet tote bag!


Pay $222 now and $222 before the start of our first class.

Click the link below to secure your spot + commit to the magic.